The PSA Oxygen Generation System consists of two parts – Dry Air System where dry & oil-free compressed air is produced by filters & Dryer and the other is the PSA System where O2 is produced and stored. In the PSA System, dry & oil-free compressed air is passed through a bed of Zeolite Molecular Sieves (ZMS) which has a property of very high degree of affinity to nitrogen, which it retains & releases oxygen as product gas. There are two adsorbers filled with ZMS with one in production cycle while the other is regenerated by depressurization. The two adsorbers are switched from adsorption to desorption automatically. For large capacity systems, a VPSA System is used, where adsorption is done at low pressure and the regeneration is done by vacuum. This helps in reducing power consumption substantially.


The PSA Oxygen Generation System is an economical option to both liquid O2 and O2 cylinders because here the O2 is produced in-house and you do not have to be dependant on outside sources of supply. It also eliminates risks & hazards of handling high pressure cylinders & Dewar flasks.

Some applications include:
  • Pulp & Paper Industries for oxy bleaching & delignification.
  • Chemical Industries for oxidation reactions, fermentation and waste incineration.
  • Producing Ozone for water & waste water treatment.
  • Lamp & fluorescent lamp industry.
  • Brazing & soldering in engineering industry.
  • Glass tube, vial & ampoule industry.

For higher capacity requirements, our VPSA Oxygen Generator can be used.